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MTV Spots

Synopsis of the Crazy Monkey movie

Brendan and Gavin are lifelong friends who feel comfortable with fame and international adoration. Even though they haven't achieved it yet. They're just like any other small town guys - they enjoy playing in a band, reviewing book reviews and busting mad sickness whenever they can. They also have brand new jobs in advertising. Unfortunately their world falls apart after they lose their jobs, a day before their ten-year school reunion - a day they've dreamt about for, well, ten years. The pressure's suddenly on to achieve. All they have to do is get their band signed to a label, get cast in an American movie, avoid being arrested by a deluded cop, entertain a rowdy kids party, produce world-class marketing ideas, outsmart their nemesis, woo a starlet, get their picture in the newspaper and beat all the odds against them... Before tomorrow.

They've got twenty-four hours to achieve overnight success, and nothing can stop them... Except maybe themselves.


Crazy Monkey started out as four guys made up of Trevor Clarence, Brendan Jack, Gavin Williams and Brett Goldin, having fun with a video camera, making fun of extreme culture, and has turned into an international phenomenon.

Crazy Monkey is a series of spots made for MTV as idents to go between music videos. The team behind Crazy Monkey first made them in the hope of MTV just flighting them at least once, and thus staking the South African flag on the airwaves of the world's music channel.

MTV loved them. They were soon picked up by all the MTV regions in Europe, Canada, South America, Australia and Asia. They even dubbed the spots into German. It wasn't long before they commissioned more spots, and even flew the guys to London to shoot some 'Crazy Monkey in the UK'.

There have been entire weekends on MTV in the UK, Canada and Scandanavia that have been devoted to Crazy Monkey. A Canadian wrestler is such a fan, that he even changed his name to Trevor Clarence, after one of the shows creators!!

Besides winning themselves a healthy number of international awards, the guys behind Crazy Monkey have really achieved something special in being among the first South African entertainers to have found international success.

Now the Crazy Monkey guys are embarking on an even bigger journey, teaming up with producers Ronnie Apteker and Tendeka Matatu to bring you their first feature film, "Straight Outta Benoni".

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