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Make sure to get the soundtrack to Straight Outta Benoni - available in music stores now.

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Crazy Monkey Podcast

Where anything goes... well almost everything... and no, we don't do children's parties... Tune in regularly for updates.

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Brendan on 5FM Celebrity Idols

In case you missed Brendan demonstrating his Bee Gees voice on the Gareth Cliff show, click here to listen ...

5FM radio show

  1. Weather Report 1
  2. Weather Report 2
  3. News in 60 seconds
  4. Horoscope 1
  5. Horoscope 2
  6. Horoscope 3
  7. Horoscope 4
  8. Horoscope 5
  9. Horoscope 6
  10. Horoscope 7
  11. Horoscope 8
  12. Horoscope 9
  13. Yachting
  14. Thought for the day - Jo'burg
  15. Thought for the day - Chairs
  16. Thought for the day - Peppadews
  17. Thought for the day - Chicken
  18. Thought for the day Ė Cats are clean
  19. Crazy Monkey FM
  20. Are We Live?
  21. Recycling
  22. Modelling
  23. Speed Dial Dating 1
  24. Speed Dial Dating 2
  25. Speed Dial Dating 3
  26. John Edwards Ė Trevor hasnít passed
  27. John Edwards Ė Gavinís grandparents
  28. John Edwards Ė Phone call
  29. Formula One Driver
  30. Meditation 1
  31. Meditation 2
  32. Book review
  33. Live Movie Review 1
  34. Live Movie Review 2
  35. Kagiso Lediga
  36. Lee-Ann Liebenberg
  37. Cars
  38. Glynis II
  39. Glynis III
  40. Movie review - Batman Begins
  41. Movie review - Crash
  42. Movie review - Monster in law
  43. Mystical Horoscope corner
  44. Steers 1
  45. Steers 2
  46. What's hot on DVD - Hitch

Radio ads

  1. Iím Brendan, Iím Gavin
  2. Glynis
  3. Boozy Romantico
  4. TRC script
  5. George Bush doesn't want you see this movie
  6. George Bush doesn't want you see this - find out why
  7. The greatest film to come out of SA since ...
  8. Because it is also a movie
  9. Because it is also cool
  10. If you like movies like this
  11. A story about 2 guys living on the edge
  12. If you are a Crazy Monkey fan ...
  13. If you love SA movies ...
  14. SA is filled with many moving stories ...
  15. Army
  16. The hot summer
  17. Chuck Norris might see our movie
  18. Chuck Norris might go see our movie - so should you


To set one of these images as your desktop wallpaper, just click on your screen resolution in the list under the icon, then right-click the image that pops up, and select "Set as Background".

Increasing your coolness factor in the office couldn't be easier!

Posters & billboards

Crazy Monkey gear from Iron Fist

The wait is almost over. Soon the movie will be out, and also, a range of funky monkey gear from our partner Iron Fist. You got it - soon you will be able to get all your Crazy Monkey stuff at as well as cool clothing stores around the country. Here's a sneak preview. Click on a thumbnail to view the full picture.

Mobile ringtone

Get the Crazy Monkey theme as your ringtone! All you need to do is select a code from the list below (based on the type of phone you have) and SMS it to 31009.

  • NOKIA (Mono) - 201101082
  • NON NOKIA (Mono) - 921101082
  • POLYPHONIC - 801101082

All ringtone downloads cost R5.

Click here to say YES to get the "Good Life" from the Finks played more often on our South African airwaves!

Please also go to and vote for the Finks' single now - it is a hot item on the Crazy Monkey movie's soundtrack!

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