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- ~ -

  East Rand Boys and FHM Girls  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
(See this article as originally published in The Star - Tonight)

First came Hollywood. Then Bollywood flexed its commercial muscle. Now, South Africa can look forward to its own money-spinning movie industry: Benoniwood. That's right. Following in the footsteps of our farm girl Charlize Theron, the East Rand massive known as Crazy Monkey, the South African daredevil group, are taking their valiant act to the big screen.

The troupe of "out there" daredevils who rose to fame on MTV as the complete opposite of the other popular MTV stunt group, Jackass, have gained a degree of notoriety for their antics. one fo their most famous is wheeling thorugh a wasteland parking lot in a fast-moving shopping trolley.

Crazy Monkey - made up of Trevor Clarence, Brendan Jack, Brett Goldin and Gavin Williams - have teamed up with producers Ronnie Apteker and Tendeka Matatu. The film, titled Crazy Monkey (Straight Outta Benoni), will tell the story of the group's humble beginnings "before they became icons of a new revolution".

As the title suggests the film will be shot on location in Benoni. Clarence, the film's director and co-founder of Crazy Monkey, calls Benoni "the Los Angeles of the East Rand".

Production started on Monday. From next week, look out for the Crazy Monkey columns every Wednesday in Tonight for the lowdown on teh making of the movie. Sick! - Tonight Reporter


- Page 1 -

  Angelina Jolie's never been to Kempton Park  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
Crazy Monkey continue their journey behind the mise-en-scenes of their latest and first movie. Once again, described to you through the magic of words.

Week Two

On-set catering is reason in itself to make a movie. Especially when there's enough dessert to turn Jude Law into a fatty. Whenever lunchtime rolls around, we immediately sprint off to the food truck. This often irritates the crew, especially if we're still in the middle of filming a scene.

This irritation may be the reason why they never hired us stunt doubles. It's more like stunt singles; that is, we have to do our own stunts. This is fine considering that we're totally into the extreme lifestyle - but falling off a park bench after three helpings of apple crumble can be really uncomfortable.

A rather cool thing about our Benoni-based epic is the traveling we get to do. In 'Beyond Borders', Angelina Jolie got to travel to Canada, Namibia and Thailand. Likewise, we got to travel to Springs, Heidelberg and even Bedfordview. We were seeing the world and it was quite nice at times.

We heard that George Clooney is famous for on-set pranks. Like the time he spray-glued Brad Pitt's eyes closed and ate Julia Roberts's wedding ring. Or something like that. Inspired by George, we decided to dish out our own brand of tomfoolery.

We decided to target crewmembers with ponytails - unexpectedly cutting off their hair and making Native American war cries. However, this would have resulted in whip-ass stew being served and we were looking forward to lasagne. Instead, we settled on delivering all our lines in Italian accents, to see if anyone would notice. The producers noticed and threatened to have us fired and replaced with actors. It seems only George Clooney can get away with pranks. But that won't stop us from cooking up more trickery. Bon appetit.


- Page 2 -

  Hooray for Benoniwood!  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
Another week, another set of life lessons learned. Crazy Monkey continue to expose the secrets and glamour behind the making of their first movie.

Week Three

We're officially past the halfway mark on our shoot - there's no turning back now - at least that's what the producers told us. They even showed us our signed contracts to prove it.

Making a movie is a pressure-filled rollercoaster ride where a select squad of people are thrown together like scorpions in a jar and shaken up. Except these scorpions (or 'the crew' as we call them) have to get along and put up with our crazy cool jokes and outrageous demands - like the time we demanded to sleep after working for seventeen straight hours. They refused our sternly-worded request, but at least we later got to dress up as furry woodland creatures.

Antonio Banderas dressed up as a puss for Shrek II, so we had no qualms about following in his illustrious boots. It was later revealed that we were also required to be beaten by angry teenagers. Unfortunately the stuntmen they promised us haven't shown up from Hong Kong yet; something about struggling to find people with similar-looking bodies to ours. Antonio also sometimes does his own stunts, so no worries. Except for that nagging spleen injury a few of us picked up.

Wrapping up the Antonio news, it seems that he won't be starring in our movie. He obviously didn't get the e-mail we sent him, or maybe he missed his flight. Fortunately we did get Colin Moss and Danny K to appear, so other good-looking guys with black hair will be represented in the film.

There's only one week of shooting left, so be sure to check out next week's grand finale. It'll be like the last episode of Survivor All Stars, except we'll only take a few minutes to get to the point.


- Page 3 -

  See You At The Movies  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
The Lord Of The Rings took three years to shoot. We didn't have that much time to muck about, so we finished our movie in twenty-five days.

Week Four

We started off the week driving a car without having to keep our eyes on the road. Being driven around on the back of a trailer is relaxing, and the only way to take in the sights of the Benoni suburbs. Rain and lightening then showed up to play the villain in our movie, so we decided to move indoors, to the Benoni High School hall. Hundreds of learners joined us as we wore wigs. Colin Moss too. Rad.

The crew have finally warmed to us. They even let us carry some lights and heavy boxes while they had lunch. Thanks guys.

Moving on, to Lombardy East for the world's longest session of lawn bowls. That's where our next villain appeared - clouds. If there's anything we've learned from movie making, it's that you should never trust clouds; they're on their own mission. They may be majestic and beautiful, but they're not your friend.

And before we could ask for more coffee and scones, it was over. Our trailers never showed up, but at least there's no more getting up at four am.

Even though the film's coming out in August next year, we're already in line to get tickets. So if you see a bunch of mad wicked guys chilling in sleeping bags outside the movie house, come and say hi, and bring some snacks.

People have asked what's next for Crazy Monkey. We considered auditioning for Hamlet and maybe writing a novel, but settled on playing a lot of Playstation and sleeping.

As the curtain falls, the Crazy Monkey crew would like to send their respect to everyone involved in our adventure. You have all been solid cool.


- Page 4 -

  Year Of The Crazy Monkey  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
2004 was the year of the monkey, which makes 2005 - according to Chinese mystics - the year of the Crazy Monkey.

A select few of us have seen the first edit of the movie. We've been sworn to secrecy about it, can't say a word, sorry.
Except that we love it.
And you should to... If you have a heart. Or if you're cool. Or if just want to see a new movie. Or a combination of these and other reasons.

Our holidays outside of post-production went as follows:
Trevor the director went snowboarding in Sweden, the producers Ronnie and Tendeka went to India and Mozambique, Richard the editor stayed in JHB to wait for his baby, Brett listened to all his CDs in Cape Town, Brendan visited a beach of childhood memories in Amanzimtoti and Gavin did it Lord of the Rings style on a houseboat in Knysna... That's if Frodo ever kicked it mad-sick on a houseboat.

Now that we're back, we've locked ourselves in the edit room - and it's starting to get a little funky with the windows closed. It's fine though, we get to eat lots of toasted sandwiches and have coffee drinking competitions. Our minds are whirring, our ideas are being mobilised... Like an army enroute to Mordor. Okay, time to take a break from the LOTR references.

More later friends. Benoniwood's hard at work.

- Page 5 -

Posted by Brendan Jack 
It's only Feb, so what happened to all those New Year's resolutions?
Not to worry.

We're about to 'hard lock' the movie which
(to all you non-post-production-geeks-and-non-geek-technical-types) means that we've finished editing and are about to send the movie onwards for audio and visual polishing. Glossy.

Thanks to all the small test groups that gave us feedback on the first cuts of the film. We have used all your notes in some form or another, even if it was just to swat flies on the windowsill.

(For plot security reasons, the test groups who have seen the film have been detained in a commune in an undisclosed location. They each get ten Rand a day for food, but are so tranquilized that they hardly ever get hungry. They send their love to their families, and say that they're looking forward to coming home in August.)

We will soon be hanging out at some of the varsities in JHB and CT with our brightly coloured posters. If you see us, come and say hello, and give us some money. It's not cheap keeping test audiences tranquilized. And the rent at Ponte isn't that low. Okay, so we just gave away their location.

And look out for our first movie trailer, in cinemas next month.

Keep gleaming the cube.

- Page 6 -

Posted by Brendan Jack 
There's stuff to look at here:

This article is written in a combination of Kombuisikaans and Soutlish:

This is really quick and fun. Only five things to remember:

There's an interview on 20Something, 6th March, ETV.

I'm putting this in the 'blog' section as well. That's how irresponsible I am.

- Page 7 -

Posted by Brendan Jack 
If you want to see and hear some Monkey stuff, here are some shows you could enjoy:

YFM. 99.2. Sunday the 27th of Feb. 09:00-10:00

20Something on Sunday the 27th of Feb. 13:30. E.

Showbiz Report on Thursday the 10th of March. 19:30. E.


- Page 8 -

  April Foolio  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
It's come to our attention that some people believed that "Straight Outta Benoni" was going to be re-made into "Straight Outta Pittsburgh". Like Pittsburgh could compete...
(Check out the 'Benoniwood' and 'Gotcha' articles in the press clippings below.)

Anyway, the huge clue we sent out was that a deal was made at the Tribeca Film Festival - which only happens at the end of April. How could we have met execs at the festival now? Oooh! Solid prank.

We also said that Ashton Kutcher was going to be in it. And, as you know, he's on MTV's Punk'd. Okay, so that was a much more subtle hint.

And finally, so that you're on top of April Fool's things next time:

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar (the Gregorian Calendar) to replace the old Julian Calendar. The new calendar called for New Year's Day to be celebrated Jan. 1, and replace April 1.
Many countries, however, resisted the change. In fact, some European countries held out for centuries (Scotland until 1660; Germany, Denmark, and Norway until 1700; and England until 1752).

But in 1564 France adopted the reformed calendar and shifted New Year's day to Jan. 1. However, many people refused to accept the new date. And then other people began playing pranks on these traditionalists, using their confusion about the date.

So don't be a traditionalist, okay? Good.


- Page 9 -

  Ain't it cool  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
There's an interview at

Ain't that cool?

It is.

- Page 10 -

  Have Some More...  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

"Straight Outta Benoni" will be featured on Pasella this Sunday. 16:30 on SABC 2.

Trevor and I will be on the Nicole Fox show next Wednesday. 5FM.
Between 19:30 and 20:30.

We will attempt the world's first reverse prank call - where people call in and try to prank us.


- Page 11 -

  This Friday...  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

There will be a feature on Crazy Monkey and the movie this Friday. April 29th.

On GO (Channel 84) and Kyknet (Channel 35) at 18:00.


- Page 12 -

Posted by Brendan Jack 

Gavin will be making a return to his old high school, Benoni High on May the
28th, for their annual Wheels Day fundraiser. Starting at 8:00 am.

Wheels Day is one of Benoni's biggest events and attracts car dealerships,
motorbike traders and anyone else with a passion for wheels. They have a
carnival, bands, demonstrations, and other stuff.

Gavin and I will be announcing bands and giving out CM stickers, badges, etc.

So if you're in the area, check it out.

And if you were in the Pretoria area last Saturday, you would have heard Grant Nash talking to me about the movie, and of course, about the Blue

Thanks to Tuks FM. 107.2.



- Page 13 -

  Days ahead and behind  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
If you were in Benoni on Friday night, and you saw FHM's Captain Beer around, then Gavin and I were near. We were both nemesis and co-hero to CB and his side-kick - The Photographer - as we cordially escorted them around the nightspots of Benoni.

And this Sunday, The Finklestiens shot the music video for the movie's new version of 'Good Life'. Filmed at that famous gigging spot: The Snuggery.

Watch Channel GO (Channel 84) on Tuesday - between 5pm and 6 pm - there will be a Crazy Monkey presence on the show GoZone.


- Page 14 -

  World's biggest postcards  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
We had a lot of fun making postcards recently, but wanted to try something bigger. So voila, we got billboards for the movie.

Check them out from the comfort of your own car:

SANDTON : cnr Rivonia Rd and West St

RANDBURG : cnr Hans Strijdom and Hill Rd

FOURWAYS : cnr Fourways Blvd and Roos St

BRYANSTON : William Nicol between Peter Place & Bryanston shopping centre


- Page 15 -

  Crazy Monkey on E  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

20Something - the magazine show on ETV - recently invited us back for a bigger and better interview.

For all you trainspotters, it was shot in Milpark. Near the Color Bar, and near where the Pure Monate Show used to have offices. How's that for interesting info...

The interviews air on Sunday the 17 of July. 1pm. ETV.

- Page 16 -

  A lot of E this weekend  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

Check out the new movie trailer and The Finks video on Nicky Greenwall's 'Showbiz Report'. This Saturday - the 16th. 19:30. On ETV.

And remember the 20something interviews the following day. Sunday. 13:00. Also on ETV.

- Page 17 -

  Come and Play on Campus  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

We're coming to a campus near you. That is, if you're near the following campuses - on the following dates:

Potch 25 July
Pta 26 July
Rau 27 July
Wits 28 July

We'll be there with our friends The Finkelstiens, and Power Play energy drink. Come and say hi. And if you're cool, you'll give us money. Otherwise, just say hi.


- Page 18 -

  Power to the People  
Posted by Brendan Jack 
Last week started off early, at around six am, with a combined Top Billing TV show and magazine photo shoot. Then it was straight off to Potch University. We faced an intimidating crowd of students who eyed out our GP number plates with suspicion at first. But they soon chilled out when they realised that Gavin and I were just there to hand out free posters, Power Play energy drinks, T-shirts - and to introduce our new friends - The Finkelstiens.

Tuesday was more of the same, except we were in sunny Pretoria, at the Tukkies campus. An even bigger, rowdier crowd greeted us. It was here that Worm from The Finks decided to challenge me to a dance contest - the winner got picked by the crowd. I won, of course, and still have the limp to prove it. Top varsity station, TuksFM then had us make a nuisance of ourselves on air. The Finks nonchalantly stripped down into their boxer shorts in studio. And then we all ate ice cream together, as the station manager looked nervous

Back to JHB, and the rest of the week was spent at RAU, and WITS. More crowd participation, more fun and laughter, more rock 'n roll. 5fm's Koula came to say hi. Then there were more interviews from their paper and campus radio, including a quick visit from new DSTV station MK89.

Wits was the perfect way to end the week, with my old campus giving us an uplifting welcome back. And supplying the biggest crowd buzz of the week. Riaad Moosa was also there. We all danced, made fun of sociology students, and came together in a rainbow nation way. It didn't matter if you were black, white, Indian, or Puerto Rican - all that mattered was that there was loud music, good vibes, free T-shirts and a lot of energy supplied by endless cans of Power Play...


- Page 19 -

Posted by Brendan Jack 

There's an article at

- Page 20 -

  20Something III  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

The Monkey has made a third appearance on ETV’s ‘20Something’ – with myself joining a bunch of guest hosts for their 100th show celebration.

Check it out on Sunday the 28th of August. At 13:30. Only on E.


- Page 21 -

  We’ve been on the telly a bit  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

Last Thursday afternoon we were live on Channel O, and then on 20Something’s 100th episode – yesterday (Sunday) at 12:30am.

This week:

We’re on the show ‘Jip’ - Wednesday 31 Aug at 19:30 on MK89 (channel 89) and 18:00 on GO (channel 84).

The same night we’re on MNET’s Laugh Out Loud - Wednesday 31 August at 19:30.

Then we’re on the 'Box Office' segment on CrazE - which airs on Thurs 1st Sept, 3:15pm. With a repeat on Sat 3rd, at 10:15am.

P.S. Off the topic, but go to – and follow the link to the CM merchandise.


- Page 22 -

  Techsmart Interview  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

Techsmart Interview

- Page 23 -

  TV update  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

Check out Nicky Greenwall’s ‘The Showbiz Report’ on Saturday – 19:30 - for news on the premiere.

And on October 3rd, we go sandboarding in Benoni with ‘Street Journal’ – 18:30, SABC 1.


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  More TV shows  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

‘CURIOUS CULTURE’ - this Sunday, the 25th, 12:30. SABC2.

Then two shows on MK89 (Channel 89)

‘FLIKFIX’ - Crazy Monkey EPK insert with interviews and a review on the movie - THURSDAY, 29 SEP 20:00

‘AMP’ - The Finkelstiens / Crazy Monkey Album Launch 14 Oct, 18:30, with seven repeats between the 15-20 Oct:

15/10 22:30,
16/10 10:30,
17/10 14:30,
17/10 20:30,
18/10 00:30,
19/10 12:30,
20/10 16:30.


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  More TV shows 2  
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Louw Venter discusses the movie and his role as ‘The Cop’ on ‘KWELA’ – tomorrow, Wednesday the 21 September, at 20:00.

Thursday 22 September at 15:00
Friday 23 September at 10:30
Saturday 24 September at 18:30
Sunday 25 September at 13:30

And a reminder that Tanit’s on "Saterdag Nag" @ 21:00… Saturday on kykNET.(Channel 35)


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  TV and other things  
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Some things:

Street Journal this evening – 18:30. SABC 1. Gav, Kagiso and I go sandboarding.

Wednesday morning we cross the border into Namibia – I’ll be doing an 08:15 interview from my bed for Radiowave FM in Windhoek. - DSTV audio bouquet channel 68

Thursday morning: 07:50 – we’re on ETV morning Edition – with Paul Dunn.

Later on Thursday, I’ll be on GoZone (Channel 84) from 17:00 until 18:00.

And The Finks are still climbing the 5FM charts with ‘Good Life’ – going from #9 last week to #8 this week. Keep voting for them okay!


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  Premieres and more Premieres  
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Well, we all had a very fancy and overwhelming time at the East Rand Mall on the 15th of September, when about 1500 people showed up to hang with us at our premiere.

We hung with Francois Pienaar, Gwen Gill, Barry Ronge, David Kau, 5FM jocks, that punk guy in the red shirt and make-up (who may have been my brother), Ryan Dent, The Finks, the cast, and like millions more. Millions!

Antonio Banderas couldn't make it, but we knew he wouldn't... We're actually going to stop inviting him to our premieres from now on.

Thanks to all for the great response and feedback.

Check out some of the pics at:


There is another red carpet premiere at the Montecasino Nu Metro - this Thursday evening. It seems that Fourways is closer than Benoni for a lot of people.

It's going to be an Il Grande time.


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Here’s news on the Gareth Cliff Celebrity Idols competition. I'm supposed to be doing my BeeGees on Friday. I had a cold, but you should vote for me anyway:

Also a mention of our Idols performance here:

And stuff you've probably seen:


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  Vote Crazy Monkey!  
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We need everyone to vote - please go to IMDB:


Only positive people need apply, there's enough negativity in the world.

Put your monkey where your mouth is and vote!
It's your right as an extreme, yet responsible citizen!


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  TV Lessons  
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You can catch me shooting the breeze, and giving off mad advice about gap years on Vicious Delicious - on the following days:

• 03/11/05 @18h00 on GO channel 84, DSTV, with a repeat the same day @ 23h40

• 05/11/05 @17h00 on GO channel 84, with a repeat again @ 20h30

• 05/11/05 @10h30 on Mnet

Also, there’s mention of our website here:

But you already know about this, you're on the site already. Crazy!


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  Some of you have been checking on this  
Posted by Brendan Jack 

So it seems some people have been checking up on this blog, and then mailing me about it. You know who you are.

With the movie out in cinemas, many think it's time for feet up and a chill. Well it's not like that. There is much to be done around here.

Things like: Work on the DVD (out for Easter - with a bunch of cool extra features), working on new projects, charity work, technical work that - if I wrote it down - some brains would be in danger of exploding, and more.

If you missed me at BodySpectra in CT this weekend, then maybe our paths will cross at the Wildcoast, or possibly in Pretoria, Ballito, or Oudtshoorn - in the next week or so. If you see me in all four places and come and say hi, then I will make a note and you will win a prize.

Also, I hope to visit the cinemas again. Maybe even see our movie again. We were so young and free back then. Oh what salad days...


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