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MTV Spots

Survival Guide to standing in line for our movie

Here's a check list of stuff you'll need.

A Sleeping Bag

The movie may only be coming out in September, but if you're like us, you'll want to see it first. A sleeping bag is essential for getting through the night and as a place to hide your wallet. It's also an interesting way to meet people. Invite someone over to your sleeping bag today!
An Ice Pick

You may not be summiting Mount Everest, but a shiny ice pick can really discourage people from pushing in line in front of you. It's also handy in regular, everyday life - carrying an ice pick really says, "Hello world, I'm an interesting person."
Tinted Snow Goggles

Similar reason to the ice pick. If you happen to fall asleep, people won't notice and will be under the false impression that you're still surveying your terrain.
A Thick Book

Even though they invented movies so that you wouldn't have to read anymore, take a book with. It'll give others the impression that you're super-intelligent and "on another level". You could also use the book for protection if your ice pick gets stolen whilst pretending not to sleep.

Friends can help when times are tough. They can also fetch snacks at times, and be there to discuss the film with you. Just be sure not to discuss it while it's being shown. Otherwise we'll have to send our friends over.

Don't make us have to explain the reasons for this.
This Check List

To refer back to when things aren't going to plan. You can also use the paper to make paper sculptures - or origami - as it's known (the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes.) This can be as useful as a book to make you look interesting. However, it can also backfire and make you look like a geek. Ignore the snide remarks. Sneer back and produce a tiny swan, or maybe a perfectly folded poodle. It's up to you to make yourself look cool.
Permission to Live Outside the Cinema

Shopping Centres and movie complexes may not be too stoked about you living there 24/7. Try making a fake badge that says you're from some important government agency. Then tell them that what you're doing there is confidential, and on a need to know basis - and that they don't need to know. If they still get the security guards on your back, then tell them you know the Crazy Monkey crew. This may or may not help. It depends on the security company. Most of them don't know who we are. When all else fails, run!
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